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On October 6th 2013, I turned twenty five. I had officially hit my mid 20's and it was time to take stock of my life. On paper - I had a great job, great friends, lived in an amazing city but something was missing.. Or maybe there was just too much of everything?

So instead of spending another debauch night in the big city getting shit faced with my passé, I decided to switch off my iPhone, pack my bags and head to the closest islands I could find to do some soul searching as well as my basic and advanced scuba courses. It was there that I got bitten by the scuba bug.The rest as they say is history..

After that the universe just set the wheels in motion, I wrapped things up at work and sorted out my finances so I could do my Divemaster training. Chanced upon some amazing people who pointed me in the right direction to the diving Mecca that is Koh Tao and more importantly Scuba Junction which is where all the magic happened :)

I look back now at the past 2 months during which I did my training and I feel blesssed. Why you ask? Well most importantly because I actually feel like I'm ready to work as a Divemaster AND I'm extremely excited about it! Those of you who've been in my shoes will understand where I'm coming from and for those of you who haven't yet, Well you'll figure it out when you do jump on the DMT bandwagon. :)

It's an amazing feeling to wake up with a smile on your face and a spring in your step knowing you just need to pull on a pair of shorts and get on the boat even if it is for the oh-so-early morning dive with an oh-so-terrible Chang-over. (Read- Lethal local beer)

The training was definitely challenging and we all struggled at times with different aspects of it. For some it was the dreaded 'chapter 9' of the course work and for others it was buoyant ankles that made fin pivots close to impossible, then there was my personal favourite - Dodging the roguish Titan Triggers while trying to get our heads around navigation! But in the end practice makes perfect, and when it does ..then there is the dreaded SNORKEL TEST! (I would need to write  a whole other blog to explain the intricacies of this sacred diving ritual)

During my time here I've found friends for life from different corners of the world in my fellow DMT's (aka The Scubatards as we like to call ourselves) and my amazing mentors from Scuba J that I know I will never hesitate to call and hassle with my many questions even if I do end up working at the other end of the globe.

All in all - I took the plunge, welcomed the change  and am ready for the diver-sity life has to offer.

Anisha Kumar, DM

See you on turtle island!


SONGKRAN: just add water 13/04/14

SONGKRAN: just add water

Thai New Year is almost here. In case this is your first Songkran, here are some do's and dont's to make the most of this wonderful day.

DO Prepare to be soaked to the bone all day long. There is nowhere to hide.

DO Take a drybag for your phone and money. Better yet leave it at home! Everyone you need will be out and about.

DO Be very careful on your motorbike. No surprise that the number of accidents skyrockets on this day. Koh Tao is bad enough as it is!

DON'T Lose your cool. Its Thailand, and its hot. Acting grumpy will only make you more of a target for a bucket to the face. Just chill out and smile.

DON'T Throw water at monks. Or babies.

DON'T Get so drunk at breakfast that you sleep through all the festivities.

See you on the streets!!

Keli Gregory, SSI & PADI Instructor                        


Bored of your life?

Bored of your life?

Why not quit your job sell all your belongings and move to a tropical island to do your Dive Master course?

In the gulf of Thailand DMT's choose when to dive and when to play.

Well they play a lot. During the day they go fun diving with other DMT's looking for unexplored areas, well that’s what they say because they need to work on their navigation.

And at night they party at the many bars until dawn dressed up in lady boy costumes or naughty nurse out fits.

But in the end you can finish and get a job working on a tropical island and have the gulf of Thailand as your office.

Take all kinds of interesting people out diving on under water journeys. 

Why not

Bobby, Head SSI & PADI Ins

April Thai New Year

April Thai New Year - Songkran

April is a wonderful time to visit Koh Tao, it is the official Thai New Year.

This means that many Thai people will be travelling around and therefore it is busier on Koh Tao

Songkran is a celebration of the new year in the form of a water festival, it is basically a massive water fight!

I always strongly urge everyone to book in advance any diving and accomodation needs as it's a busy time of the year

Also travel carefully and make sure your bags are covered with a water proof cover, make sure all valuables and electronics are safely away as this time of the year there is a right to soak everyone at anytime

Koh Tao celebrates this water festival for one day, Bangkok and Chang mai can go on for a week

Enjoy the Thai New Year and be safe

Natalie E Alderton

Owner & Manager

Eine meiner groessten herausforderungen...

Eine meiner groessten herausforderungen...

...ist bestanden!!

vor knapp einer woche habe ich meine pruefung zum PADI tauchausbilder bestanden. das alles waehre nicht moeglich gewesen, ohne die hilfe meiner grossartigen familie, besonderer dank geht an meinen vater, der mir diesen kurs finanziell ermoeglicht hat...danke papa!

die meisten von euch wissen, dass ich bereits SSI ausbildering bin und denken wahrscheinlich, na das war dann ja wohl super einfach...nein, war es nicht!!

ohne die hilfe von GINO waehre ich warscheinlich auf der strecke geblieben, zumindest was die physik und den eRDP (elektronischer tauchplaner) angeht. ich hab ihn mit essen und trinken belohnt!!

in meiner zeit waehrend des kurses habe ich tolle neue freunde gefunden, von denen ein glueck auch ein paar auf koh tao bleiben!

also fazit ist: fast alle pruefungen mit bestnote bestanden, aufgenommen ins vollzeit team, ich bin super gluecklich und die party am abschlusstag war der hammer!

was will man mehr?

natuerlich ein tolles weihnachte in den tropen und einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr...

...das wuensche ich euch natuerlich auch, bei gutem essen und kerzenschein, vielleicht ein bisschen schnee und gluehwein, na dann, prost neujahr, ich kanns kaum erwarten!!

Niki, Head SSI & PADI Instructor

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