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An Accountant Abroad

An Accountant Abroad

8th August 2012

Started as a very normal day diving in the morning lots of pretty fish’s longtail back to shore…. then run to dive shop throw someone off the computer open emails….. And wait for it…..scream/crying/howling and terrifying everyone in a mile radius as passed my ACCA woohoo.

9th to 16th August

The week after passing my exams is a bit of a blur mainly from excitement and partly from exhaustion for the many dives. And despite the above picture it was on only one night I was able to say as a qualified accountant I had intake more than my weekly quota of units of alcohol.

So onto my diving and away from my silly drunken antics….It was mainly fun dives with DMTS who we get to practice not getting horribly lost on before customers are given to us. All the while taking lots of comical under the water shots before frantically finning to where we think the boat is so we aren’t late… So this week of my life should be called “getting very lost”   Though while getting lost  I got to see some amazing things….(as well as a large amount of sand while frantically staring at my compass wishing it had a magical “the boat is this way “arrow)… so turtles, box fish, puffer fish and sand.

Also did my first night dive on Koh Tao at Shark Island and well I’m just glad I wasn’t leading or I probably would still be lost at sea, it was so disorientating but did see a puffer fish so any dive with one of those is a great dive.

So after a week of fun diving needed to check of some of the last points of the Divemaster Program. Most are simple and fairly dull to explain however the “equipment exchange” where you’re underwater with only one air source between 2 and have to change all your equipment (bcd, fins, mask) with your buddy while sharing air – is just comical. I was with my friend Liangzi who is about half the size of me and had size 3 feet whereas I had boots and fins, not to mention my mask was twice the size of her face while her mask was prescription, add a free flowing regulator (air bubbles constantly streaming in your face so unable to see) and you have a fairly ridiculous 10 minutes under the water. It wasn’t graceful, it didn’t look easy and if you lose a fin make sure you have entertained the instructor with you calamitous exchange so he doesn’t deduct a point.

Erin Eley, Dive Master Trainee, Scuba Junction

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