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SJ November 2012

Scuba Junction November 2012

In November Koh Tao can expect some heavy monsoon rain, we can also experience the most amazing weather that the island can offer, however, as usual we will be closing from 01st November 2012 and reopen 01st December 2012.

We do this so that our boat can be taken out of the water for repainting / repairs, all equipment and tanks are serviced and inspected and all staff have the chance for a break or holiday before the busy season ahead, December - October!

December is an amazing month to visit Koh Tao, wonderful diving, normally sitings of whale sharks and of course the season to be jolly with Christmas approaching towards the end of the month. Scuba Junction always closes for Christmas Day 25th December and is also closed New Years Day 01st January 2013. We do this in the event the customers partied to hard or we cannot tell sometimes who is hung over and who isn't, I also believe its an important time of the year to have some fun as most people do celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

For November and December this year Scuba Junction is also expanding with a larger resort opposite our shop, a swimming pool and new class rooms, Scuba Junction will not change its standards of 4 people maximum in any group, new equipment 2012, new dive computers &  new compasses 2012, free use of these items including all prescription lenses for optical masks should you need them.

We feel that Scuba Junction provides such a specialised service catering also for all languages, sometimes we cannot help everyone due to being so busy all year that the only way to provide this service is to expand, its a natural progression, but we state again that we will still provide an amazing service as always, staff numbers will increase as will equipment needs and boat crew as well.

At Scuba Junction we better ourselves almost each month, taking pride in our work and having a team that any shop would be proud to work with or manage, the crew is made up all friends and family, this creates an instant bond and atmosphere that is unbreakable, we believe it is really all about the team and without the team you have nothing, happy workers means happy customers.

As soon as the work is complete photos will be posted immediately.

Although we are closed in November we will still provide the swift service of booking and replying to emails all through November on this address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Please feel free to email us anytime with any questions or queries 

Natalie E Alderton
Partner / Manager / Instructor

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