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One of the things I love about my job, is seeing the progress of Divers.

If it's a Introduction dive, or a Professional level course, you will see progression.

Someone that is scared of fish comes up from a 45 minute dive, talking about the Blue-ringed angelfish that was 1 meter away! Someone that has never snorkeled before, becomes able to skin dive to 5 meters within 10 minutes of guidance and practice! Someone that was petrified to get water in their eye's, is soon swimming without a mask, an hour later! Someone that is unable to tie a bandage, is able to perform CPR and rescue breaths! Someone that gets lost at a dive-site is then able to surface 5 meters from the ladder, after doing their mapping project.... You get the idea!

So for me its so great to introduce someone into the underwater world... To see them come back for another course is even better!

Progression is great to see, and in the Divemaster courses it's the most prevalent. In 6 weeks, divers go from rescue divers with basic experience to professionals able to lead and refresh certified divers, assist an instructor on any course and even teach some courses independently!

People learn so much, in such a short time, confidence grows, experience enlightens the diver.

If your diving for a day, 6 weeks or even years, you will have changed, and progressed, your life.

Gwydion Dacre SSI DCSI #  50192     PADI MSDT # 492723 


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