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You are not keen on 'studying' during your vacation ? NO PROBLEM, Scuba Junction has the perfect solution for you....

Get a head start with Online or eLearning and get 10% discount on your Open Water Course with us.

How does it work ?

Very simple, both SSI and PADI (worldwide biggest training and certification agencies) offer Online learning through their websites. Signing up is pretty easy and once you have logged in, you will have access to the Academic Part of the SSI and PADI Open Water course. 

You can watch the required DVDs, complete the homework assignments and even complete the final exam. Upon successfully completing your virtual class room, you will only have left the in waterskills and required training dives with us !

You will have more time for sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying Koh Tao by signing up and completing the Academic portion of your course, and we will also give you a 10% discount on your course !

There is virtually no difference in SSI and PADI training or worldwide recognition, however SSI offers Online Learning  FREE of charge, while eLearning with PADI has a 120 USD fee to be paid directly to PADI as part of the signing up process.


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