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Discover Scuba
You've always wanted to try it, but never had the time or were unsure about a full certification course. Why not Discover Scuba Diving with us today?

This 1-day experience will give you a taste of what wonders lie beneath the placid tropical waters that surround Koh Tao.

In the morning your experienced and friendly instructor will explain a little about what you'll be practicing in the afternoon. You'll learn about some of the marine life you'll see, some diving equipment and you'll also learn basic safety rules for diving.

In the afternoon we'll take you to one of the beautiful sheltered bays around Koh Tao. Perhaps it will be Mango bay or Aow Leuk. Wherever you go we can guarantee an abundance of corals and reef fishes.

Your instructor will guide your practice of a few simple skills, and then guide you on an open water dive, where you're sure to be amazed at the marine life.

This experience also allows you to dive under professional guidance for 1 month, so you can dive again during your vacation.

If what you see and learn excites and intrigues you, why not enroll in a certification course? You don't lose anything; in fact you can credit your Discover Scuba Diving experience toward either the Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver programs without losing any of your past in-water time.

Price: 2,000 Baht - Book Here or Contact us for more information
(includes use of educational material and all diving equipment, boat dives, refreshments and transfers)
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