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You've always wanted to try it, but never had the time or didn't want to do any study! Why not try an Introduction to Diving ?

The experience will give you a taste of what wonders lie beneath the blue tropical waters that surround Koh Tao.
After running through some diving safety information with your instructor both on land and in the water you'll be ready to take the plunge for an easy and fun experience.

Price: 2,000 Baht - Book Here or Contact us for more information
(includes use of educational material and all diving equipment, boat dives, refreshments and transfers)
Scuba Diver
For those who wish to do more than the Intro but not the full course, or those who are short on time but still would like to have something to take away with them, the Scuba Diver is for you.

Over a two day period your  Instructor will educate you on the basics of diving safety, equipment and underwater skills. You will also make two exciting underwater dives that will be logged in your logbook.

After completion of the course you will receive your certification card and you are a qualified diver up to a maximum depth of 12 meter. Any time you can or want, you can upgrade this license to the full OW certificate.

So what are you waiting for?

Price: 7,000 Baht - Book Here or Contact us for more information
(includes use of educational material and all diving equipment, boat dives, refreshments and transfers)
Open Water Diver

Designed for the beginner, this course will introduce you to the wonders of the aquatic realm. Our Open Water Courses are designed to be fun, educational and enjoyable.

The schedule is normally* carried out over 3 ½ days , starting with a course orientation at 16.00 pm.
Here you get to meet your instructor and fellow class mates (remember, only 4 divers per instructor !!) you complete some paperwork and watch the first DVD.
This will normally only take an hour.

Day 1
At 9 am your instructor explains the basic scuba diving principles and diving equipment  in a fun relaxed manner. In the afternoon you will get to take your first breaths underwater and start building up your confidence with easy skills.
Your course instructor will help you confidently master these skills in very shallow water first.

Day 2

In the morning you continue with more theory and in the afternoon, if all went well*, you get to do your first 2 dives, very shallow and easy, but plenty of fish to be seen already.
*We adapt the pace of the class to individual needs, sometimes people need more time to get comfortable, in that case your course might be 1 day longer with more shallow practice before you get to do your first 2 dives.

Day 3

After finishing your final theory session, you will complete your course with 2 more beautiful dives in the afternoon. Back on land you can crack open the champagne, you are a diver for the rest of your live…

If it sounds easy, that's because it is.

* Please note that this schedule can be adapted to the pace of the group and environmental and weather conditions.

Price: 9,000 Baht - Book Here or Contact us for more information

Advanced Diver

New for 2010 ! 

We are now offering the Discover EAnX dive as part of your Advanced course at a special price of 1,000thb!

For those divers who want to expand their underwater experience but do not want to be tied to doing a specific specialty, the  Advanced Course is for you.

The Advanced Course consists of 5 dives scheduled over 2 to 3 days and are designed to help you explore new aspects of diving, in a fun and relaxed manner.

The deep dive helps you to understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of deeper diving, such as seeing different forms of marine life, or experiencing nitrogen narcosis for the first time.

The navigation dive helps you master compass use, and introduces you to the techniques of distance estimation and natural navigation. Allowing you to gain a mental picture of the site and return to the boat every time.

There are three other dives you can choose to complete the course.

Maybe you want to see the barracudas feeding around White Rock during the night dive. Perhaps you would like to learn to identify more of the many different species of marine life, on the naturalist dive and capture the aquatic world on film in the photography dive.

For those who would like to have a more modern approach to dive planning try the Computer Dive or why not learn what Enriched Air is all about?

One of our most popular is the Wreck dive which lies in 16m at Japanese Gardens and has an amazing abundance of marine life for you to see.

Another exciting option is the Perfect Buoyancy dive where your instructor helps you fine tune your buoyancy with fun underwater practice. You won't only learn different hoovering positions so you can get closer to the marine life without damaging the corals, but you get to swim through hoops to help you perfect your streamlining. 

Whichever options you choose Scuba Junction has the flexibility to meet your needs. At the end of the course you will receive your SSI Advanced Course card.

Price: 8,000 Baht - Book Here your Advanced course or Contact us for more information


Stress and Rescue
The Stress & Rescue course is designed to develop your knowledge and skills so you can effectively perform diver assists and rescues, manage diving accident situations and render first aid. This certification is an important step in expanding your knowledge, experience, and confidence as a diver.Rescue Breathing

To enroll in the course all you need to do is complete an Open Water course.

There is also a requirement that, prior to Stress & Rescue Diver certification, you need to have a C.P.R. certification from a recognized agency within the last two years.

The EFR First Aid course may be used to meet this requirement, and is offered as a package with the Stress & Rescue Course.

The Stress & Rescue Course runs over three days and covers various topics relating to the analysis and prevention of diving related accidents. If combined with the EFR First Aid course the time required is three to four days.

At the end of the course you will receive your SSI Stress & Rescue Certification card.

Price: 8,800 Baht
- Book Here or Contact us for more information
(includes use of educational material and all diving equipment, boat dives, refreshments and transfers)
Specialty Courses

For those divers who are interested in specific fields, including non-diving areas, or who may be interested in the Master Scuba Diver Rating, Scuba Junction offers a variety of Specialty courses.

Below are the most popular specialties, if you have any special request please contact us,  we are able to teach  more than the below listed possibilities.


EanX has rapidly increased in popularity with divers over the past few years due to the fact that diving with Nitrox has only benefits ! It is SAFER than diving on air as you will absorb less nitrogen, you are LESS TIRED after a dive and you can stay LONGER at certain depths and have MORE BOTTOM time.

The Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty teaches all the benefits and safety procedures (including EanX tables and EanX dive computers) necessary to dive with Nitrox tanks. 

This Specialty is a NON diving course, meaning you can get certified without doing any dives. We offer both alternatives so you can choose whether you would like to the dives or not. 

The course will only take 1 day if you opt to include the 2 boat dives, or only 1/2 day if you decide to do the course without the 2 dives.

PRICE   6,500 thb (includes all theory, certification, 2 EanX boat dives with all equipment and use of EanX compatible dive computer)

            4,500 thb (includes alll theory and certification)

Book your EanX Specialty or contact us for more information.

SPECIAL ! Combine  Deep and EanX Specialty for only 8,900 ThB !

(includes all theory for both specialties,  certification, 4 dives of which 2 EanX dives, all equipment and use of EanX compatible dive computer)



Here you will learn how to safely plan and conduct deeper dives, how to deal with increase of nitrogen narcosis and all extra equipment considerations inherent to deeper dives. After completing this course you will be qualified to dive to a depth of 40 meters !

This Specialty will take 2 days and includes 4 boat dives.

PRICE  7,500 thb (includes all theory, certification, 4 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer)

Book your Specialty Package or contact us for more information.

SPECIAL ! Combine  Deep and EanX Specialty for only 8,900 ThB !

(includes all theory for both specialties,  certification, 4 dives of which 2 EanX dives, all equipment and use of EanX compatible dive computer)



Scuba Junction has been offering divers free us of dive computers since 1998, dive tables are still widely in use but were developed in the 50s. Nowadays dive computers are not seen as 'gadgets'  any more but as a very important instrument to add more safety and flexibility to dive planning.

The Computer Specialty can be tailor made to the type of computer you are using, covering air and EanX computers. This Specialty can be combined with Deep, EanX or other Specialties.

PRICE  4,500 ThB (includes all theory, certification, 2 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer)

Book your Computer/ML Specialty Package or contact us for more information.



Being able to move neutral and weightless through the water is an important dive skill.

Good buoyancy techniques will not only make your dive more comfortable and relaxed (with lower air consumption), but you will also minimize your impact on the reef. You will learn how to streamline your body and equipment better, learn reef friendly dive techniques and have a lot of fun at the same time !

PRICE  4,500 thb (includes all theory, certification, 2 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer) 

Book your PB Specialty Package or contact us for more information. 



Together with the PB Specialty, we can highly recommend the UW Naturalist Specialty.

You will learn about the marine ecosystem in all its aspects and will get to identify different fish families, vertebrates and invertebrates giving you a new perspective on diving and increase your appreciation of the underwater world.

PRICE  4,500 thb (includes all theory, certification, 2 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer)

Book your Naturalist Specialty Package or contact us for more information. 



UW photography is a little bit more challenging than land photography. This Specialty teaches you all you need to know to be able to 'shoot' the perfect fish. This Specialty includes also basic photo editing to brush away the imperfections.

For those not in the possession of a digital UW camera can rent one of our cameras with UW housing for 1,500 ThB

PRICE  4,500 thb (includes all theory, certification, 2 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer)

Book your Photo Specialty Package or contact us for more information. 



Ever wondered how your guide finds the boat or shore back seemingly without difficulties.

UW Navigation isn't magic and during this specialty you will learn all the tricks and tips on natural and compass navigation.

PRICE  4,500 thb (includes all theory, certification, 2 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer)

Book your Navigation Specialty Package or contact us for more information. 



Day and night are two different worlds on the coral reef, at dusk all nocturnal active marine organism start organizing their 'day'. Barracudas, cuttlefish and octopi  start hunting, stingrays roam over the sand fouraging and all natural colours of the reef 'magically' appear in the beam of your torch.

This Specialty will take you on 2 different nightdives and prices include LED torch rental

PRICE  4,500 thb (includes all theory, certification,torch rental, 2 boat dives with all equipment and use dive computer)

Book your Night Specialty Package or contact us for more information.




Dive Control



Dive Control Specialist (DCS)

-A Logical Progression-

This rating is the equivalent of an Assistant Instructor and the beginning of your professional teaching career. In this program you will work with our Dive Control Specialist Instructors and our SSI Instructor Trainer who will help you learn advanced diving techniques and how to teach entry level scuba.

SSI Dive Control Specialist can perform everything an SSI Dive Guide and Divemaster can, along with being able to assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool and open water.  Teach skills in the classroom and pool under the indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor and teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update program, and Try Scuba Pool Experience.

The DiveCon course is the most comprehensive entry level professional course the world has to offer. Showing candidates the presentation skills they will need to assist in the teaching of Scuba Diving courses is the portion of this program that sets it apart.

What do I require to start my DiveCon course?

Be at least 18 years old and have at least 60 logged dives. You must be already enrolled in the SSI Divemaster course or be certified as an SSI Divemaster or equivalent of the Dive Guide and the Science of Diving Specialty certification.

How long will it take to complete my DiveCon course?

You require 75 dives to complete your DiveCon course so the length of your course will depend on your diving experience and your current certification level.  The DiveCon can be conducted as an individual program which usually takes between two to eight weeks. If you are already enrolled in or certified as an SSI Divemaster the DiveCon upgrade can take as little as a few days.

How much will my DiveCon course take to complete?

The cost of the complete DiveCon course, which incorporates the SSI Dive Guide, Science of Diving Specialty, Divemaster and DiveCon upgrade is 28,000 THB. The materials for the DiveCon program are 6,000 THB and there is also an additional fee payable directly to SSI HQ for your professional application and first year’s annual fee’s of 3,000thb.

After certification SSI Dive Control Specialists may upgrade to a Training Specialist or enroll in the SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC).





The ITC typically takes around 10 days to complete, depending on the candidates requirements. We try to include 1 day off in the middle of the course to allow for the candidates time to relax. After completion of the ITC there is an additional 2 days for the Instructor Evaluations (IE).

We try to schedule the beginning of the ITC for the 7th of every month to match up with the IE to make it as convenient as possible for both candidates from other areas and those moving on from Koh Tao to other parts of the world to teach.

A sample schedule of the ITC is included at the end of this email, feel free to arrive a few days early so you can meet the rest of the Scuba Junction Dive Crew, the other candidates, and we can also help you get settled in to life on Koh Tao as you prepare for your ITC and IE.

The cost of the ITC is 56,000 Thai Baht. This price is inclusive of:

·         ITC Fees

·         Instructor manual

·         Instructor slates

·         Candidate workbook

·         Presentation Enhancement Guides

·         Open Water Diver and Diver Stress and Rescue student materials

·         Instructor Evaluation Fee

·         SSI Registration fee

·         SSI Annual fee for that calendar year

·         Risk Awareness Videos

·         Open Water Diver Video

·         SSI Backpack, T-Shirt and Keychain

Prior to certification you will need to provide proof of a current first aid and CPR certification, 100 logged dives, proof of insurance and a current medical certificate. In addition, we will also supply lunch for each day of the course and I’ll definitely be buying you the beers once your exams are over!

After completion of your ITC and passing your IE you’ll be qualified to teach all of the entry level SSI courses including:

·          Open Water Diver

·         Advanced Adventurer

·         Diver Stress and Rescue

·         Resort Diver Experience

·         Scuba Diver

·         Indoor Diver

·         Snorkeling

·         Scuba Skills Update

·         Junior Open Water Diver

·         Junior Advanced Adventurer

·         Scuba Rangers Program

·         Century Diver Rating

·         Gold 500 Diver Rating

·         Platinum 1000 Diver Rating

·         Experienced Diver Tests

·         SSI Referral Program

The SSI continuing education system is built around the wide variety of its Specialty Programs, and we offer a comprehensive Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI) Internship here at Scuba Junction. The program takes you through all academic and practical aspects of teaching the specialties you wish to focus on and the entry level SSI professional courses.

·         Divemaster

·         Dive Guide

·         The Science of Diving

·         Enriched Air Nitrox Level 1 and 2

·         Deep Diving

·         Wreck Diving

·         Night and Limited Visibility Diver

·         Shark Diver

·         Equipment Techniques

·         Navigation

·         Digital Underwater Photography

·         Boat Diving

·         Dry Suit

·         Perfect Buoyancy

·         Search and Recovery

·         Computer Diving

·         Waves, Tides and Currents

·         Digital Image Enhancement

During your AOWI Internship you’ll work alongside the Scuba Junction Dive Crew, gaining valuable “real world” teaching experience whilst you study for your AOWI rating. We are more than happy to help you with any career assistance and advice after completion of your ITC/IE and AOWI Internship to help you on your journey as an SSI Instructor.

Sample ITC Schedule.

Day One.



The Diving Industry

The History and Philosophy of SSI


Pool Skills Evaluation


Day Two.


The SSI Educational System                                  

Teaching Academics


Academic Presentation One


Day Three


Teaching Confined                                                   

Teaching in the Open Water


Pool Presentation Workshop


Day Four


Academic Presentation Two                                 


Teaching in the Open Water


Day Five


Academic Presentation Three                               


Pool Presentations


Day Six



Day Seven


Record Keeping                                                         

The Practical and Legal Aspects of Diving

The Business of Diving


Academic Presentation Four


Day Eight


Open Water Workshop


Open Water Presentation


Day Nine


Building Loyalty

Customer Acquisition, Development and Commitment


Customer Retention

Performance Review


Day Ten


Teaching Diver Stress and Rescue


Diver Stress and Rescue Academic Presentation

Instructor Evaluations

Email Scuba Junction directly with any questions




The ICC typically takes 2 full days to complete and costs 17,000 Thai Baht but, may be scheduled over 3 evenings and 1 morning to accommodate a working instructor at no extra cost. Sample schedules for both formats are included at the end of this email.

This price is inclusive of;

·          Instructor materials, Instructor slates, Open Water Diver and Diver Stress and Rescue student materials, Presentation Enhancement Guides, Risk Awareness Videos, Open Water Diver Video,SSI Backpack, T-shirt and Keychain.

We understand that working instructors are busy professionals and, with that in mind, the course begins with a home study preparation pack to be completed prior to the course date, allowing the course to be conducted in the minimum amount of time whilst conveying the maximum amount of knowledge.

The ICC is designed to familiarize instructors who were trained by other agencies to the teaching and sales philosophies, Training Standards and Education Total Teaching System of SSI. During the ICC you will crossover to the same level you hold with your current agency.  For example, a PADI OWSI will become an SSI OWI and a PADI MSDT will upgrade to the SSI AOWI rating. Upon completion you’ll be qualified to conduct all SSI programs at the level you have crossed over to.

Sample ICC Schedules

2 Day Crossover

Day one.


Teaching the SSI system

Pre-test review


Academic presentation

Day two.


Teaching Continuing Education

Final Exam


Confined and Open Water workshop

Rescue skills review

Watermanship evaluations


3 Evenings/1 Morning Schedule

Evening one

Teaching the SSI System

Per-test review

Evening two

Academic presentation

Evening three

Teaching Continuing Education

Final Exam

Morning one

Confined and Open Water workshop

Rescue skills review

Watermanship evaluations

If you have any questions or queries then email us directly Scuba Junction


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