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The ITC typically takes around 10 days to complete, depending on the candidates requirements. We try to include 1 day off in the middle of the course to allow for the candidates time to relax. After completion of the ITC there is an additional 2 days for the Instructor Evaluations (IE).

We try to schedule the beginning of the ITC for the 7th of every month to match up with the IE to make it as convenient as possible for both candidates from other areas and those moving on from Koh Tao to other parts of the world to teach.

A sample schedule of the ITC is included at the end of this email, feel free to arrive a few days early so you can meet the rest of the Scuba Junction Dive Crew, the other candidates, and we can also help you get settled in to life on Koh Tao as you prepare for your ITC and IE.

The cost of the ITC is 56,000 Thai Baht. This price is inclusive of:

·         ITC Fees

·         Instructor manual

·         Instructor slates

·         Candidate workbook

·         Presentation Enhancement Guides

·         Open Water Diver and Diver Stress and Rescue student materials

·         Instructor Evaluation Fee

·         SSI Registration fee

·         SSI Annual fee for that calendar year

·         Risk Awareness Videos

·         Open Water Diver Video

·         SSI Backpack, T-Shirt and Keychain

Prior to certification you will need to provide proof of a current first aid and CPR certification, 100 logged dives, proof of insurance and a current medical certificate. In addition, we will also supply lunch for each day of the course and I’ll definitely be buying you the beers once your exams are over!

After completion of your ITC and passing your IE you’ll be qualified to teach all of the entry level SSI courses including:

·          Open Water Diver

·         Advanced Adventurer

·         Diver Stress and Rescue

·         Resort Diver Experience

·         Scuba Diver

·         Indoor Diver

·         Snorkeling

·         Scuba Skills Update

·         Junior Open Water Diver

·         Junior Advanced Adventurer

·         Scuba Rangers Program

·         Century Diver Rating

·         Gold 500 Diver Rating

·         Platinum 1000 Diver Rating

·         Experienced Diver Tests

·         SSI Referral Program

The SSI continuing education system is built around the wide variety of its Specialty Programs, and we offer a comprehensive Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI) Internship here at Scuba Junction. The program takes you through all academic and practical aspects of teaching the specialties you wish to focus on and the entry level SSI professional courses.

·         Divemaster

·         Dive Guide

·         The Science of Diving

·         Enriched Air Nitrox Level 1 and 2

·         Deep Diving

·         Wreck Diving

·         Night and Limited Visibility Diver

·         Shark Diver

·         Equipment Techniques

·         Navigation

·         Digital Underwater Photography

·         Boat Diving

·         Dry Suit

·         Perfect Buoyancy

·         Search and Recovery

·         Computer Diving

·         Waves, Tides and Currents

·         Digital Image Enhancement

During your AOWI Internship you’ll work alongside the Scuba Junction Dive Crew, gaining valuable “real world” teaching experience whilst you study for your AOWI rating. We are more than happy to help you with any career assistance and advice after completion of your ITC/IE and AOWI Internship to help you on your journey as an SSI Instructor.

Sample ITC Schedule.

Day One.



The Diving Industry

The History and Philosophy of SSI


Pool Skills Evaluation


Day Two.


The SSI Educational System                                  

Teaching Academics


Academic Presentation One


Day Three


Teaching Confined                                                   

Teaching in the Open Water


Pool Presentation Workshop


Day Four


Academic Presentation Two                                 


Teaching in the Open Water


Day Five


Academic Presentation Three                               


Pool Presentations


Day Six



Day Seven


Record Keeping                                                         

The Practical and Legal Aspects of Diving

The Business of Diving


Academic Presentation Four


Day Eight


Open Water Workshop


Open Water Presentation


Day Nine


Building Loyalty

Customer Acquisition, Development and Commitment


Customer Retention

Performance Review


Day Ten


Teaching Diver Stress and Rescue


Diver Stress and Rescue Academic Presentation

Instructor Evaluations

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