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Stress and Rescue
The Stress & Rescue course is designed to develop your knowledge and skills so you can effectively perform diver assists and rescues, manage diving accident situations and render first aid. This certification is an important step in expanding your knowledge, experience, and confidence as a diver.Rescue Breathing

To enroll in the course all you need to do is complete an Open Water course.

There is also a requirement that, prior to Stress & Rescue Diver certification, you need to have a C.P.R. certification from a recognized agency within the last two years.

The EFR First Aid course may be used to meet this requirement, and is offered as a package with the Stress & Rescue Course.

The Stress & Rescue Course runs over three days and covers various topics relating to the analysis and prevention of diving related accidents. If combined with the EFR First Aid course the time required is three to four days.

At the end of the course you will receive your SSI Stress & Rescue Certification card.

Price: 8,800 Baht
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(includes use of educational material and all diving equipment, boat dives, refreshments and transfers)
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