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Scuba Junction has it's own fully customized diving boat. The 14 meter Mantaray has been specifically designed for divers and carries DAN Oxygen, First Aid kits and Radio communications.

There is a toilet on board, a nice sun roof and the spacious dive deck below allows everyone to set up his/her equipment with plenty of space. When it was built special care was taken to make it stable in waves so you will have less change of getting seasick on The Mantaray than on other boats.

Because we are all 'land animals' without sea legs, we provide free of charge seasick tablets for those in need.

In between dives we have a one hour surface interval for conservatism, to relax, brief and debrief. In this break we provide tea, coffee, fruit, water and cookies!

 Our captain has been with us nearly the whole time we have been open, 17 years, he is famous on the island for being a great captain, his son Tak, is our boat boy who has also served many years with us, they are amazing.



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