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For those not having the courage to take the to see what is underneath, snorkeling can be something for you to still enjoy the natural beauty form the surface.

Apart from being a diver's paradise Koh Tao is also a snorkeler's paradise in which the beaches are always quiet because most visitors are involved in diving activities.

Snorkeling reefs can be found all around the island with reefs readily accessible from the shore. We offer mask and fins rental, but you can also join our afternoon diving trip which goes to shallow bays ideal for new divers but also excellent for snorkelers.

The best time to Snorkel on our boat is the afternoons, this is when we visit the shallower bays.

If you wish to join us just to sunbathe and swim we charge your just 200thb each time, this covers our costs for your space, tea, coffee, water, fruit and biscuits.

If you wish to join us for snorkeling we charge you 350thb per trip, this includes your equipment for the trip and above refreshments.

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