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Reef Ecology and Marine Conservation
Reef Clean Up, 06th October 2012

Once a month Scuba Junction has a complete clean of Sairee Reef, which is our back garden, customers dive and work as a team to bring back everything that people throw in.

This month however, we went to Mango Bay and Twin Pinnacles as these sites were also in need of a good clean up!

Some of the stuff found is also washed in from the mainland, we ask you to never throw anything into the ocean or leave anything on the beach as it will end up in the ocean.

Here are some photos of what we found in October 2012.

If you are an advanced diver who has dived recently come in and see us if you want to help out, when we conduct reef cleaning dives the dives are free!

Every Sunday we clean the beach as far as we can see, our staff clean our area of beach every day, but Sunday is a big clean....pop in and help out....free bin bags provided!



Keep our Oceans clean



Reef Clean Up, February 28th 2011

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For more information on clean ups in your area, check out the project AWARE foundation. www.projectaware.org

Apart from participating in monthly reef and beach clean ups, Scuba Junction is also involved in several projects to promote environmental awareness through education and training, and long term marine conservation efforts.

As tourism continues to expand, coral reefs come under increasing threats and pressure. Unfortunately there are many dive operators and resort that are more focused on development than on sustainable tourism practices.

International Projects - GREEN FINS Thailand

Scuba Junction is an active member of Green Fins Thailand, a non-profit organization that was founded a few years ago in Thailand and now has spread to other SE Asian countries.

All Green Fins member have to adhere to a strict code of conduct and operate at a minimum discharge policy.

Setting good examples however is not enough, also through Reef Ecology Education and Reef Watch Monitoring Scuba Junction helps creating awareness for divers and general public of the serious situation the coral reefs are in worldwide.

Those interested can get free Reef Ecology training and help monitor the health of our marine ecosystem. Results are reported online in the international Reef Watch Data Base, which is part of UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programs).

Local Projects - Biorock Artificial ReefBiorock Koh Tao

Marine Conservation Koh Tao is a coalition of Thai and foreign business owners from Koh Tao organized under Save Koh Tao.

Programs developed and initiated through the group are chosen by the community members and funded through private donations, merchandise sales, and fund raising events.

Marine conservation is vital for the long-term sustainability of Koh Tao's economy and environment. Monthly beach and underwater clean ups, mooring buoy projects and other conservation programs like turtle releases and giant clamp projects are part of conservation efforts organized on Koh Tao.

The new BioRock project is a result of this successful corporation and as far as we know unique in its set up and funding. No where else in the world has a local community been able plan, fund and execute such an ambitious plan of almost 40.000 USD, raised exclusively through donations and fund raising events.

Thanks to our efforts as a community we were able to convince the Thai government that development should go in close cooperation with local communities to help protect also what not readily can be seen from the surface.

All visitors to Koh Tao are encouraged to volunteer or participate in the regular fund raising events, clean ups or other activities to help preserve paradise….


Biorocl Koh Tao


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