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The PADI Dive Master Certification offers you a lifestyle and a respected qualification. You get to do, day after day, what you enjoy doing. How many people can honestly say that about their jobs?

With your professional diving certification and a passport, you've got a ticket to and an income from adventure and travel around some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

With our Dive Master program you can live for a time in a tropical paradise not only gaining more diving experience, but learning how to guide dive tours.

In addition, learn more about the vast variety of marine life and assist with the development of student divers.

Learn to help impart your enthusiasm and love of diving to people taking their first breaths underwater and celebrate with them at the completion of their course. The Dive Master course helps you to develop your knowledge of dive theory, and in water diving skills to a professional level.

We also offer a FREE internship to dive and work with real customers to boose your confidence, also the chance to stay and work if there are placements available!

Scuba Junction also has great equipment deals to get you started or to buy as you're tools of the trade to get you working.....package deals to suit all budgets, favorite colours & traveling needs! See below for our inclusive package deal

We provide all the required materials as a part of the course; you receive your own copies of:

    * The Dive Master Manual
    * The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
    * Diving Knowledge Workbook
    * Electronic version of the RDP Planner
    * Instructor Manual
    * Application Form
    * Certifying Decal
    * Other Useful Forms / Brochures

The above required pack for the DMT course is included in the package price below we also offer a package without the equipment, email us for more details

By assisting on many varied certification courses you will develop your control and problem-solving skills, a valuable attribute of any Dive Master. You'll also learn and practice how to guide diving tours and also focus on map-making, which will help to fine tune your navigational skills.

Other aspects of the role of the Dive Master include working on customer relations skills, dive center logistics and development of an emergency plan specific to the local environment. There's a lot of fun to be had living and working in the tropics.

To enroll in the Dive Master program you need a PADI Rescue Diver certification (or equivalent from another certification agency), Forty logged dives, and proof of formal C.P.R. training from a recognized agency within the last two years.

A total of sixty logged dives are required for certification, but if the course requisites are met earlier and you are short of time then you can complete the remaining dives elsewhere in the world. You are then eligible to gain your certification as a Dive Master.

Price includes:
DMT materials, DMT training with a 20% discount on a standard full equipment package: 74,000baht - Book Here or Contact us for more information on our Divemaster course and packages available.

If you have all your own equipment, or would rather not buy the equipment, the Divemaster course price with materials only! Is 35,000baht

* Please Note: New PADI Standards state all students in any PADI course must buy the book with the course.

* In addition once certified you can either email your certification to PADI or post it, the cost for your certification to become to Dive Master is AU$165 / 4,800thb.

* Also required is Diving Insurance and we recommend going with either DAN Insurance, SSI or PADI. There are many options regarding coverage so make sure you are covered for  the time you are participating in the DMT Course.

* More information on our Dive Leader programs can be found by emailing Natalie Alderton, Owner / Manager, Instructor Scuba Junction with your requirements and we will be happy to get you underway to become a Dive Professional.

Dive Master Equipment Package includes: Gearbag, big size, Lycra RashGuard Black, 5mm Deep Blue Boot, Propulsion Fins, Silicone Mask Runner, Stingray Snorkel, SG100 Reg Set 1st & 2nd, SG100 Octopus,   Console 2 U-Line, Drift BCD, SK-7 Diving Compass, Backup Torch, Folding Knife, Nylon Sheath for Knife, Whistle standard, Safety Balloon with Bag, Slate